The Venture Brothers is a cartoon created Jackson Publick and airs on Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network.  The show follows the adventures of two young boys, their father (a failed scientist) and their body guard.  The show is parodies Johnny Quest, The Hardy Boys, Scooby Doo, Comic Book's, etc.



Dr. Thaddeus  Venture

The pathetic offspring of the greatest scientist/adventurer ever.  Dr. Venture has basically spend his entire life living in the shadow of his father as well as making a living of of selling inventions his father never got around to patenting.

Brock Samson

Brock Samson is the highly trained killing machine in charge of protecting Dr. Venture and the boys from their never ending supply of villains as well as from themselves.


Dean Venture

Dean Venture is the son of Dr. Thaddeus Venture.  The weaker and more afraid of the the brothers, but  smarter and more bookish then Hank.


Hank Venture

Hank Venture is the other son of Dr. Venture.  Hank is more  adventurous & athletic but not as bright as Dean.


The "Mighty" Monarch

The somewhat less than intimidating archenemy of Team Venture, “mastermind” of a somewhat capable army of henchmen, who has modeled himself after the ever frightening Monarch Butterfly.  Behold….THE MIGHTY MONARCH !


Dr. Girlfriend

The on again - off again girlfriend and 2nd in command of The Mighty Monarch.  Her/his feminine looks and masculine voice causes much confusion.


Baron Werner Ünderbheit

Here is the Glorious dictator of Germanic nation of Ünderland (bordering Michigan), member of the Guild of Calamitous Intent and lifelong nemesis of Dr. Rusty Venture,  Baron Werner Ünderbheit


Dr. Henry Killenger

Dr. Henry Killinger is like the Mary Poppins of Evil, rather then fixing your home life he fixes your evil organization (and relationships) with his sage-like insights and wisdom. 






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