Here is a brief FAQ on how my commissions work 

  1. My commissions usually start around $400 USD and up.  Price increases  for a very detailed and/or complicated design or fabrication.

  2. Payment is needed in full upfront to secure materials and for the time it will take make the figure.

  3. All sales are final.  You are commissioning a unique piece of sculpted art. 

  4. Please add 10$ per figure for shipping.  If you need international, overnight, FedEx, , etc.  The buyer will need to pay the additional funds. 

  5. Please add 5$ per figure if  you would like it insured.

  6. They are generally 6-8" in height ( I don't usually do 3.75" scale )

  7. I do not make molds, scans or copies of any figures - you will have a one of a kind piece

  8. They need to be original designs that you have rights to,  non trademarked properties, or items that are my own redesigns

  9. The figures generally are glued into a static pose that you chose to avoid excessive wear and tear

  10. If it is of a real person realize the look will be a close approximation of the person.  Most figures you see use digital scans and artificial or mechanical means of creating the sculpt.

  11. I use only top of the line professional grade sculpting compound that cures very hard and chip resistant acrylic enamel paints, both are very expensive.

  12. I am not slow by any means, but I do have unrelated career, and have constant flow of incoming orders and my own projects so I need time to complete projects..




Here are some examples of some of my commission work.



The Awesomes

A line of custom figures commissioned by producer Mike Shoemaker and Seth Meyers for their Hulu show "The Awesomes".  Each figure was given to the voice actor of each character as a gift.  The actors included Seth Meyers, Bill Hader, Rashida Jones, Taran Killam, Kenan Thompson, Bobby Mohnihan, and Rachel Dratch among others. 

Click HERE to see The Awesomes main page and individual shots of all the figures

Seth Meyers with his Prock figure


Taran Killam and Bobby Moynihan with their Frantic and Teleportation Larry figures.



A custom figure commissioned by the WB show "Supernatural" for the 7th Episode "Bad Boys" of the show's 9th Season.


                                                         image used with permissions of the WB and Supernatural.



Road Wars

A line of custom figures commissioned Patton Oswalt to be in the style of post apocalyptic Mad Max films.


Click HERE to see the Road Wars main page



Seusstastic Park

A line of custom figures commissioned The Dino Hotel of Denver, Colorado. It was commissioned to be displayed at the hotel and eventually auctioned off for charity. 

Click HERE to see the Seusstastic Park main page



13 Coins

A line of custom figures commissioned by Corinthian Productions for the new comic book's debut at the 2013 New York Comic Con.



Be sure to check out their Facebook page HERE.



Faster, Empire! Strike! Strike!

A line of custom figures commissioned by Patton Oswalt based on the films of exploitation film maker Russ Meyer.

Click HERE to see the Faster Empire main page


Click HERE to see Patton's very flattering write up about the line on his Blog "Spew"



Star Wars Celebration VI

These figures were made to be gifts to be given to Mary Franklin and Steve Sansweet from Lucasfilm at Celebration VI in Orlando. 

Mary is dressed as Bossk, her favorite Star Wars character and I was told that Mary placed hers on her desk.  

Steve is dressed in Obi Wan attire after his museum Rancho Obi Wan and is holding an Obi Wan toy because of his lifetime passion of collecting. I was told that Steve put his in Rancho Obi Wan's display.





Baytown Outlaws

I was contacted by Lleju Productions & Films to make a set of figures for there 2012 movie "The Baytown Outlaws" starring Billy Bob Thornton and Eva Longoria.  The figures were commissioned to be gifts for people at the company.



I worked out an exchange of art with an artist whose work I enjoy.  Dave Perillo, who goes by Montygog, and I created pieces to exchange with the other.



Sam Witwer

 I was commissioned by actor Sam Witwer (Star Wars Unleashed, The Mist, Being Human) to create some 3.75" scale figures based off of his characters he uses in his Star Wars RPG group.  They were based off of designs drawn by Lucasfilm's own Amy Beth Christensen (ABC)



Tom Whalen

This was the first art exchange I worked out.  Tom Whalen and I created pieces to exchange with the other.