You are told as much with the first words of the movie with a line straight out of a fairy tale "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away".  A classic story of good verses evil where the young hero who has to rescue the princess with the help of the trusty old knight.  


Cadpollo Gildenrod

Cadpollo Gildenrod is a wandering minstrel bard who sings the epic tale of our heroes journey as he strums his lute.



Randor Deeptomb 

Randor Deeptomb is the dwarf mute sidekick of Cadpollo Gildenrod.  The 2 wander the countryside and tell the tales of the heroes.   His only real way of communicating is through his pan flute's whistles. 



Princess Lilani

 Princess Lilani is the daughter of a former king of the realm.  She has been kidnapped by the evil lord Deth Valkor and held his his mountain fortress as a bargain chips to make the lords of the land recognize his claim to the throne.




 Deth Valkor

 Deth Valkor, was once know as Anagoth Swordbearer the defender of the realm and greatest knight in kings guard.  He murdered and betrayed  the king and seized his lands. 



Sturm Infantry

The Sturm infantry are the backbone of  Deth Valkor's army.  The hoards of soldiers number in the thousands and hold the realm in a tight grip of terror.



Lukos Swordbearer

Lukos Swordbearer was raised on a farm by his relatives never knowing what happed to his real family.  He was never treated as well as the actual sons.   At the first chance his relatives bound him in servitude to a crazy old knight to serve as lowly squire.  All he has from his original family was his fathers enormous sword which was given to him by the knight.  He carries it on his back like burdensome yolk that reminds him of his loss.





Obiwoth Kindorn

Obiwoth Kindorn used to serve the true king of the realm but following his perceived failure to protect the king and rise of  Deth Valkor as the new ruler of the realm he has fled into a self-imposed exile.  There he stayed until he found young Lukos and took him on as his squire and the 2 set off to rescue the fair princess Lilani.




Khan Solon

Khan Solon is a roguish thief who inhabits the local tavern always on the look out for the next big con or heist to make him rich.




Charothku is the trusty sidekick of Khan Solon.  He serves as the muscle for most of their schemes.



Boran Fayne

Boran Fayne is the trusted lieutenant of  Deth Valkor.  Not that he has any loyalty to Valkor's cause but the price is right and his unique services are in demand.
































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