A line that I debuted at Star Wars Celebration VI.  The line is meant to a a precursor to my Medieval line and is set during the Roman Empire.


Emperor Palatonius

Roman Caesar and Emperor whose quest for power pushes the Roman Empire to the brink of civil war.




This patrician Amadandra who works tirelessly to keep the peace and avoid the war



Captain Recksus

This captain of the loyal legion to the emperor.




 Praetorian Obius Kenvarus

 A member of the emperor's elite guard the Praetorians.



Darkos Magyar

A barbarian leader who leads his people against the Roman advancements into his territory



Vandoah Feton

Deadly warrior and a rival Cartheginian general.




This the Gothic King Griefgiver who leads the unified barbarian nations against the roman legions.

































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