Custom figures based on the work of Mike Mignola and Guilermo Del Toro. 

7" Scale          3.75" Scale          Dioramas


7" Scale


Angel of Death

I loved the line of Hellboy II figures from Mezco, so I was a more then a little disappointed when I bought the Angel of Death.  He was not a very accurate representation of the movie character and he had 2 points of articulation.  I heavily modified the wings to give him the more dramatic 4 wing look of the films as well as sculpting sleeves and the veil on him.  He also got repainted to show of the great detail of the sculpting.








The Elven King

I found then entire scene of the King's underground court to be amazing.  The juxtaposition of this ancient race in the ruins of a modern industrial power plant was really memorable and right up my aesthetic alley.





The King's Guard

I also found the costume design of the King's guard to be very striking.  It had a barbaric indigenous feel with this clock work sword.







Professor Trevor Bruttenholm

There probably weren't a lot of kids begging for the action figure version of the octogenarian leader of the BPRD, but felt the set needed him.




What if... Nazi Hellboy





Sillof Hellboy Redesign






3.75" Scale

Angel of Death








Prof. Broom




Abe Sapien




































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